BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Talks About Preparing For New Album, Goals For 2020, + Happiest Moment Of Her Career

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea magazine, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo dished on how she was spending her time these days and took a moment to reflect on her career.

While posing for a pictorial for the magazine, Jisoo took some time to answer some questions about her daily life and current interests.

At one point during the interview, she was asked what her everyday routine was like nowadays, and Jisoo revealed in her response that the BLACKPINK members were hard at work on their upcoming album.

“It differs from day to day,” said Jisoo, “but my typical routine is taking care of myself [through skin care, exercise, etc.], then coming back in the evening to work on preparing our new album. That’s how I’m spending my time these days.”

When asked about the happiest moment of her life post-debut, Jisoo replied, “What comes to mind right now is our first performance when we debuted.”

As for what she most hoped to achieve this year, Jisoo revealed that her goal for the year ahead was a simple one. “Our fans have been waiting for us for such a long time, so my dream is to be able to see our fans much, much more often.”

You can check out the full clip of the interview with English subtitles below!

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