Canada Actually Gained Over 80,000 Jobs Last Month And Young Women Benefited The Most

Despite what it might seem like in some cities, Canada is currently experiencing a boom when it comes to new jobs across the nation. In fact, Statistic Canada announced that the month of August 2019 was a good one, as over 80,000 jobs were created. What’s even better, is that over half of these new jobs in Canada were jobs that were acquired by young adults. 

According to Statistics Canada, after three months of little change, Canada saw employment rise by 81,000 jobs. While a majority of these jobs were part-time, the employment among youth aged 15 to 24 increased by 42,000. Which is more than half of all the jobs that were created last month. 

Out of these 42,000 jobs for youth, nearly all of them were occupied by young women, showing that girl power really does exist in Canada. 

With this influx in jobs, students aged 20 to 24 actually saw an employment rate increase of 3.4 percent over the summer. However, a majority of these jobs were part-time as those between the ages of 15 to 24 are often students. 


The majority of employment increase was seen in both Ontario and Quebec, as Ontario was recorded to have their employment rate increase by 58,000, all of which were in part-time work. 

Quebec came in second with 20,000 new job opportunities last month. However, both British Columbia and Nova Scotia weren’t as lucky as the rest of Canada as they both saw unemployment rates rise by 0.6 percent. 

Yet, when it comes to unemployment throughout Canada as a whole, it remained at 5.7 percent. 


With employment rates increasing by 81,000 throughout the month of August, it was discovered that more Canadians ended up being employed in finance, insurance, real estate, education services, and technical services. 

While, those who were employed in business, building and other support services actually saw a decrease in jobs. 


Overall, the month of August saw a boom that wasn’t to be expected. After three months of little change, 81,000 jobs surpassed the 15,000 job increase that Reuters poll had forecasted for August 2019. 

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