Cost Accounting

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Costing is one of the most important and fundamental knowledge area in any business.  The ultimate objective of any business is supposed to be profit and certainly profit is a function of cost.  The success of a business does not solely depend on its revenue but also more importantly on how a business manages its costs. 

Businesses fail not due to lack of revenues but due to uncontrolled costs.  In order to control the business costs it is important to first understand the costs.  Costs lie within products, processes, systems, departments and activities.


– Types of Costs – Cost Classification
– Cost Behavior
– Material Costs
– Case Study
– Labor Costs
– Costing for Overheads – Absorption Costing
– Case Study
– Marginal Costing
– Job, Batch and Service Costing
– Process Costing
– Case Study
– Costing for Joint and By Products
– Case Study
– Alternative Costing Techniques
– Activity Based Costing – ABC
– Case Study
– Target Costing
– Throughput Accounting
– Case Study
– Life Cycle Costing

I am a qualified accounting and finance professional with over twenty years of professional experience. I have been teaching accounting and finance courses for over fifteen years and have taught more than twenty thousand delegates including students, young accountants, chief accountant and finance managers.

Who this course is for:
  • Accounting and Finance students from ACCA MA, ACCA F2, CIMA, CAT, BBA, MBA as well as other business professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who want to learn costing techniques and profit planning

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