Introduction to QA Software Testing Professionalism

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Before you are enrolling in this course and trying to leave your feedback to read carefully the introduction below in order to understand what this course is going to be about and who is the main targeted audience. If you know that this course is not for you, don’t waste the time and budget to become a student. And definitely, to leave the low rating that doesn’t match the actual targeted materials provided in the content of this course

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Hello Guys,

 The career choice of our life depends on the relevant decisions, that we make. Sometimes it’s very hard to decide what do we want to do and which career to begin. This course is only an introduction and promotional course to the full “Learn how to become an amazing QA Professional Tester “. Suitable for persons who just need a high-level look at this topic and for the beginners who want to understand the concept of QA Testing field and to decide if QA SW Testing is for them. The provided content will be useful for the students of Computers’ Science as well, where QA Testing is part of their project. So, you are welcome to decide what will be right for you and which career you are going to choose. 

See what other students are saying about this course:

Khushnuma Inamdar

I found this course is very helpful for the basic understanding of the topic. This is very helpful for new learners. Thanks, Alik

Afzal Shaikh

This course is very informative and excellent, looking forward to becoming a professional QA in software testing, many thanks.

Omran Chaudhry

I have a background in software engineering and needed a brief yet solid overview of QA Software Testing and opted for this course because it looked like it might do the job. I am satisfied with the concise, to the point, and clear explanations of concepts. It helped me in doing well on a QA Software Testing interview that I was preparing for.

Courage Chipaumire

Really helpful and draw me to want to be a professional in this field. Quiet useful hints, systematically analyzed.

Fraz Naseem

It was a good overview of the QA lifestyle and helped me an idea of how a career in this field would be like.

Nikola Miloradović

It was great to listen and learn from this course, it helped me a lot with my college subject quality assurance in software development. This course provides us with the basics of QA testing and gives us knowledge for further learning.

Gary Perez

the course is quite interesting and useful for those who would like to enter the QA software testing career.

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