Plans to Expand I-25 Through Denver – News

Interstate 25 through Denver is “being primed for what officials say is likely to be a series of projects aimed at smoothing its traffic flow and improving travel off the highway, too,” according to an article by Jon Murray.

“The I-25 work would rip open all or parts of the freeway from Alameda Avenue to 20th Street, a congested five-mile stretch traveled by about 250,000 vehicles a day.” The corridor was first built over 60 years ago, and the stretch of highway shows its age in congestion and collisions, with about 1,000 crashes every year.

“Major expansion possibilities are likely limited to the addition of an express toll lane in each direction, according to Denver Post interviews with [Colorado Department of Transportation’s] chief engineer and the manager of the study. CDOT is nearing the end of a two-year study that is narrowing the options and will help define the path forward,” according to Murray.

CDOT officials are tempering the news of a highway expansion during a climate crisis by adding supplemental study into rail infrastructure located adjacent to the interstate right of way.

“CDOT officials also hope to expand off-highway transit capacity by adding tracks for RTD’s converging light rail lines through the area. South of Sixth Avenue, they want to relocate heavy rail tracks that are adjacent to I-25, freeing up space that would allow a shift of I-25 away from the South Platte River. Such a move also would improve travel on nearby streets by removing at-grade railroad crossings.”

Highway expansion projects are common along I-25, both north and south beyond the boundaries of the city of Denver, reaching as far north as Fort Collins and as far south as Colorado Springs.

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