Principles of Helicopter Engineering

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This course comes with a pledge any question of yours will be responded and resolved within 24 hours Sundays consisted of!

Helicopters are among the most under-rated marvels of engineering. The one that works, where no other flying machine can even think off! A helicopter appears an easy maker with simply two sets of rotating blades, however then and there the simpleness ends. The amount of engineering intricacy that is handled in balancing an inherently unstable flying device is astonishing.

Leading functions of the course–

  • All lectures are real white-board lectures with diagrams and descriptions made in an engaging way. You will watch me in the person doing all the stuff on the board. (I dislike PowerPoint presentations, and I know you too!)

  • All questions will be responded within 24 hours. No reasons.

  • On completion obviously you will have a strong understanding of How a Helicopter operates in detail and the various engineering blocks that go underneath.

What are pre-requisites?

  • You must be able to understand my English accent. Please check the sneak peek lectures to see if that holds excellent.

  • You have fundamental understanding of physics – so things like Newton’s laws of movement, vectors, gravity, shouldn’t be brand-new to you.

  • A system with web to view the videos and complete the course.

  • Curiosity to Discover.


What the course is everything about?

The course has to do with understanding how Helicopters work, from fundamentals. All ideas can be described just using school level physics. There is no need to unnecessarily complicate the stunning subject.

What makes this course various?

The use of live white boards style lectures will make it really engaging to learn. I ensure throughout the course to avoid any lingo and short-forms that are rather typical in this topic. This will allow you to “Discover” Helicopter and not memorize it!

Likewise, I have actually attempted to not leave any element associated to this topic. All fundamental elements of Helicopters are covered.

What if any topics aren’t covered?

I like this subject and would respond to brand-new subject suggestions by creating more content regularly. The course curriculum is not a repaired one.

Format of the course?

95% of the course remains in video format.

Any certificates?

Yes! All students who complete the course will receive a signed certificate.

Anything else?

Go and view the sneak peek lectures, have a look at the curriculum. If you have the ability to comprehend the lectures then go all out and be part of an interesting journey on Knowing Helicopters!

I have some more concerns not addressed above. How to connect?

Click on the instructor names and drop us a message.

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