Product Development & Systems Engineering

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Item Advancement & & Systems Engineering utilizes a structured yet versatile method to provide a holistic, strong foundation to the effective development of complex products or systems.

If you wish to take this course with sample INCOSE exam concerns presented after each video, search for my teachable course page by typing “LearnSE” in a web search ( I can not connect through Udemy).

There are over 800 example INCOSE examination questions in the teachable course. Send me a message that you purchased the Udemy course and I will send you a discount coupon.

This course will take you step by action through the item life process, from conception to style, development, production, implementation, sustainment and disposal. You will discover how the different elements of a system interrelate, and how each contributes item achieving its objectives. Systems engineering terminology, which can so often confuse the newcomer, exists in a quickly digestible type. Video lectures for private topics will present essential ideas. This course welcomes anyone who wishes to discover how intricate products or systems can be developed and carried out effectively. It relates to anybody in job management, engineering, quality control, item support, operations, management, maintenance and numerous other areas. No particular background is needed, and we invite learners with all levels of interest and experience.

The course is based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 – the very same standard used by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Trainees will be equipped with the knowledge needed to take the INCOSE knowledge exam for Systems Engineering Preparation (SEP) certification. This course covers all of the product from the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook 4th edition – and much more!

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