The Complete Design Interview Course-System Design Interview

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System Design or High level system design –

Almost all the companies ask for the design of various systems in their System design interviews. Mainly the system design round is for experienced people but top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc are keen on asking the designs to even freshers. There is a dedicated one to two hours round for system design. The system design round has multiple purposes, the interviewer want to know your breadth of knowledge, they want to understand how do you approach an open ended problem and how do you handle stressful situations.

System Design is also known as High Level Design. High level design is nothing but deciding on what components we will be needing in our system, how all the components will communicate with each other as well as external systems and what we be the capacity of our system. These are important things while designing any system to make it reliable, available, consistent and efficient.

This course is designed in an incremental fashion, for the purpose of understanding. Initially, all the concepts and components of system design are discussed. A full proof step by step procedure is explained to tackle any system design problem. All the case studies are given in comprehensive manner and are designed by following these steps.

Following are the promised outputs of this course:

1. You will get confidence about High Level System Design.

2. You will be able to solve any system design problem with the given procedure.

3. You will know the how to approach any problem in front of you before jumping into the design.

4. You will get better understanding of all the components of system design.

5. You will be able to participate and give your opinions in system design related discussions.

6. Your breadth of knowledge will be enlarged.

7. You can brag in front of your peers and share your knowledge.

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