What to wear to a job interview outfits to make a good impression

Whether you’ve landed an interview for your dream role or you’re making a career change, how you present yourself is crucial to making the best first impression on your prospective employer. Even if you’re interviewing for a promotion rather than changing companies, the right interview outfit is key to boosting your confidence because ultimately you want to feel like the best version of yourself.. 

You wouldn’t copy and paste the same CV into every job application, and similarly tailoring your outfit to the role is key to nailing interview dressing. While a round of interviews in a corporate setting might call for sharp, classic suiting, a creative role allows for a more freedom in your choice of clothing. Then there’s the sartorial minefield of a casual interview over a coffee, it’s relaxed but you still want to assert that you are serious about the position.

 If you’re wondering what to wear to a job interview, don’t panic. We’ve found nine flawless outfits to work for three different interview scenarios. 

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